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Tanya Roxburgh

My name is Tanya Roxburgh. I have been in the business of digital since 1998 – the same year that Google first launched.

After successful stints in full-service recruitment agencies Gabrielle Skelton, Major Players and October, I have created Ground in order to focus down further and use my experience to its best advantage.

Growing up with the industry means that I know the agency and brand leaders as peers. This forms the basis of my style, which both candidates and clients describe as professional, honest and fair.

If you are a candidate, here is a promise – you will be the first to know if a brief comes in that you are the right fit for, and you will never be sent for something unless you have agreed to go for it.

And clients, here is a promise for you – you will never find that your time has been wasted with inappropriate candidates or unnecessary process. Your time is far too precious for that.